Machinery Finder

Farming and industrial machinery is expensive and purchasing new equipment is often beyond the budget of many small businesses. Used equipment allows you to have all the tools you need to run your business but because of their size and scarcity finding the piece of machinery that you need can be difficult. There might not be another tractor or metal press for sale within 100 miles of you, so how do you search for the machinery that you need?

Local newspapers and online classified sites may be of some help, but most large equipment with higher prices tags do not usually make it into those sources and would only be a limited machinery finder tool. If you want to find a good selection of used machinery for decent prices then you are going to have to use a better machinery finder tool. Fortunately thanks to the Internet boom there are many different machinery finding services available, from farm machinery auctions to industrial machinery finder, all can be found in the internet. But how do you know which one is the best for you?

If you are looking for machinery from John Deere then you are in luck because John Deere runs a used farm machinery service. The site provides a full listing of all available used John Deere equipment for sale all over the United States. You can browse and search for specific items and see full details and pricing for the item you are looking for. Keep in mind that the site only posts items available from John Deere dealers, so they have a markup over items you might buy directly from a previous owner. The site can be found at, a machinery finder site for John Deere machines and equipment.

Industrial machinery finder

If you are not picky about the brand then you can use to look for used equipment. This industrial machinery finder lists equipment from all manufacturers and the items are being sold by dealers and general users alike. Thousands of items are available and you can quickly find the item you are looking for by browsing or searching. All details of the items are listed along with the contact information for the seller.

Machinery finder tactics online

No matter what site you use to find machinery, you should use common sense tactics to prevent yourself from being defrauded. Always contact the seller in person and verify their actual address and ownership of the equipment.

farm machinery finder

Make sure to not get involved in any unusual payment schemes such as you sending a check to an address different than their home address or not using an escrow service on transactions that several thousand dollars or more. Scamming schemes and con artists find their way into every corner of the Internet, even on a used machine finder list, but with a little diligence you can avoid them. 

There are many machinery finder services on the Internet. While some of them are quite small they may be a good place to find bargains. No matter which equipment finder you use, make sure to always shop around for the best price, inspect the equipment in person if possible, and do your best to avoid being conned.

The Used Machinery Finder

Every farmer is in the low margin business by definition. To survive through to the following year, they have to plant at the right time and harvest at the appropriate time. To make that happen, their machinery has to work. This requires constant monitoring of that machinery and often its replacement. However, many farmers cannot find the specific piece of equipment they need at a local distributor or it will cost too much for the revenue they will make from the harvest. A database tool they can access solves that problem brilliantly.
industrial machinery finder
The regular community has Craigslist and the repair trade community has Angie’s list. However, each of these deal more with residential issues than commercial ones. The farming and industrial communities have nothing of that kind. A used machinery finder provides the local farmer, who has internet access, with the ability to quickly find someone who is selling exactly the piece of equipment they need. Time really is money to a farmer. Even if a neighbor has the equipment they need, if the farmer cannot access it in time to use it, it is useless! Beyond that, the cost element is equally fragile as the farmer has very little margin with which to work.
A commercial businessman has similar issues. A dead production line, due to a faulty piece of machinery, is lost revenue to that businessman. If they cannot replace that piece of machinery within their own budget, they are in serious trouble. If they had a database tool such as a machinery finder, it could save them thousands of dollars in purchasing the equipment and days of lost revenue due to avoiding that dreaded down time.

The Importance of Scheduling a Harvest

Imagine a farmer needing a used metal lathe to harvest a hay field or an organic farmer needing to replace a blade on their garden tractor and they can’t find the part at an affordable price! They cannot plant the seed in time or harvest on schedule. This means they cannot sell the product to local restaurants on time which damages the entire town’s local economy. A machinery finder could conceivably save that farmer and several local restaurant owners from going out of business. That would make such a seemingly minor little internet database tool a huge benefit to those businessmen.

For the industrial manufacturer, the damage could even be greater. The local newspaper needs to replace a print roller but, due to internet news, has lost its revenue margin and can no longer afford new equipment. The machinery finder could keep that newspaper in business. A tool and die manufacturer could lose a month of business if it cannot replace a die to maintain production and fulfill contracts in time. Its public image can be damaged and that is very hard to repair. The possibilities for the need for this device are endless.

A used machinery finder would be a priceless internet tool for any small business to survive at any time. In the middle of a deep recession, the need for such a simple service is even greater. Go to to find out more.